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The Intensive Medical
Monitoring of the Future

Detect critical conditions early during surgery to prevent serious complications.

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What is ConCardiac AIR?

Stress-free monitoring in the perioperative area

ConCardiac AIR is a monitoring system for the perioperative area. It non-invasively records important vital parameters, analyzes them via a wirelessly connected platform and provides the attending physician with an overview of the patient's overall hemodynamic situation. This allows early detection of hemodynamic instability and prevention of subsequent effects, from shock to multiple organ failure.

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Why ConCardiac AIR?

Less stress for intensive care patients

Many intensive care patients are hemodynamically unstable. Nevertheless, medical interventions are necessary. Non-invasive monitoring of the overall hemodynamic situation allows monitoring without endangering the patient's health.

How ConCardiac AIR works

The overall hemodynamic situation always under control

ConCardiac AIR uses a strain-free sensor system. This allows the use of multiple sensors per patient. These signals are evaluated in the data platform via a secure WLAN connection and displayed to the surgical team in real time.

Application areas for
ConCardiac AIR

ConCardiac AIR can be used in all clinical settings for perioperative monitoring. ConCardiac AIR will be approved in 2021. 

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The product history

From aerospace to bedside

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SectorCon GmbH is an owner-managed consulting and development company for high-quality engineering services. Our competencies include technology consulting and innovation management, the development of specialized software applications as well as system solutions for measurement technology and sensor technology. 

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Since our founding in 1992 in Berlin, we have stood for solid commercial action, a high level of professional competence and sustainable and responsible entrepreneurship.

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The basic product ConCardiac for the acquisition of pressure signals and the determination of an electrocardiogram
is already approved as a medical device. But the story doesn't stop there: further development into ConCardiac AIR is already successfully underway, as are other promising research projects.

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The system elements of ConCardiac AIR

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Artificial intelligence turns real-time measurement data into a
clear picture

The ConCardiac AIR system is based on a novel, stress-free sensor system. The intensive care monitoring system consists of three components.

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Sensors for non-invasive detection
of high-frequency pressure signals
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Device for signal reception
and Wi-Fi transmission to the platform
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Powerful platform
for processing and visualization of the data